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Stay home and taste thousands of wines from around the world for free with Hopwine.

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5-step operation

01. Register easily

Visiting the Hopwine fair is free. It’s exclusively reserved for professional buyers in the wine industry.

02. Fair is open

During opening dates, you will parade around the virtual stands and discover wine producers. The classification is made by country and region of production. The producers’ virtual stands are very visual and refined.

03. Order boxes

If you meet the search criteria of a wine producer, you can order a free tasting box containing all of its cuvées on display.

04. Wait for delivery

At the end of the fair, we will send you free of charge the required sample boxes wherever you are in the world.

05. Do business

You just have to taste the selected wines. You are then free to contact the producers and start commercial relationships.

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Online registration

01. Reserved to professional buyers

Visiting the fair is free. It is exclusively reserved to professional buyers in the wine industry: Importers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, sommeliers, distributors, agents, brokers… Registration is mandatory.

02. Registration Form

To register on Hopwine click here

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