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Virtual wine fair & real tastings

Hopwine, the 1st virtual wine fair with real tastings

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Wine fair reserved for professionals

Time to change the era. Hopwine invents the virtual wine fair in which tastings are real.

Prowein, Les Grands jours de Bourgogne, London Wine fair, Primeur Week …
So many major canceled meetings. Today we are inventing an alternative for international producers and buyers of the wine industry so that they can continue trading.

During opening dates of the Hopwine fair, international wine professionals visit the wineries’ virtual stands, chat with them and choose the wines they want to taste.

At the end of the show, Hopwine repackages the producers’ bottles in certified 2 cl samples and ships them worldwide to professionals who have requested them.

Professionals in the wine industry,
Pre-register now for Hopwine 2021
Limited places.

Certified quality

To guarantee wines’ preservation, the rebottling takes place under an inert atmosphere using technology patented by our partner Vinovae. With more than 500,000 samples already produced, the process is approved by the largest players in the industry.

The samples contain 2cl. This quantity defined with the expertise of a sommelier corresponds to 2 sips. This is the quantity usually served during tastings.

Sustainable solution

Let us be the actors of this main change!
Thanks to 100% recyclable samples and by limiting the movement of people and goods as much as possible, Hopwine’s carbon footprint is incomparably low versus traditional fair.

Loads of savings

Hopwine allows producers to exclusively target professionals they are interested in (for example: importers from Germany).

Hopwine is surely the cheapest fair in the world. Producers only pay fees depending on the number of visitors to their stand. Buyers have nothing to pay for the wine samples. Finally, all travel and expenses generated are avoided.



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