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Offer your products to buyers from all over the world and gain new leads by starting a Hopwine virtual fair campaign, without any fees. Depending on the results, you can choose to extend the experience or not.

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How does it work ?


Choice of your formula according to 3 criterias

  • the number of vintages to be presented
  • the number of samples to make available
  • the samples format (2 or 4 cl)

Creation of your virtual space

Our teams support you throughout the process of creating your space to help you prepare your visuals and formulate your messages.


Start of a test campaign. No payment required

We put your campaign online in test mode. After this period, we inform you of the solicitations obtained, their quality and their geographical origins. After reading these results, you can either stop here. No problem, you owe us nothing. Or you can extend the experience.


Activation of your dashboard

You pay the campaign costs. We send you the complete profiles of the contacts obtained during the test period. Your dashboard is now active and you receive live profiles of your new solicitations. You decide for each request whether to accept the sending of samples or not.


Repackaging and shipping

We repackage your bottles into certified samples preserving all the qualities of your wines and spirits according to a patented process. We ship them to the professionals you have selected. You have a logistic follow-up of each shipment.

How does it cost

Our rates are all inclusive

All prices are showned exclusive VAT. We propose you to test your campaign for free. After this period, if you decide to extend the experience, the campaign fees according to the following grid will be payable.

Creation of your virtual space
Repackaging of your wines
Shipping all around the world
Customs fees included
 35 boxes of 2cl
or 17 boxes of 4cl
70 boxes of 2cl
or 34 boxes of 4cl
105 boxes of 2cl
or 51 boxes of 4cl
1 cuvée1672€2209€2747€
2 cuvées1777€2386€2995€
3 cuvées1883€2563€3244€
4 cuvées1988€2740€3492€
5 cuvées2093€2917€3740€
6 cuvées2199€3094€3989€
7 cuvées2304€3271€4237€
8 cuvées2410€3447€4485€
9 cuvées2515€3624€4733€
10 cuvées2621€3801€4982€
11 cuvées2726€3978€5230€
12 cuvées2831€4155€5478€

Reach over 3000 professionals on Hopwine

Every day, new buyers from the wine and spirits industry join us.

Our team manually checks each profile before accepting it on the platform.
Here is the breakdown of professionals who use Hopwine to source their wines and spirits.





Wine merchant




Commercial agent


Web e-commerce










Large-scale distribution


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