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Visit Hopwine, the virtual wine fair with real tastings

Stay at home and taste thousands of wines & spirits for free with Hopwine.

Visiting the Hopwine fair with reception of samples is free, but exclusively reserved for professional (buyers & journalists) in the wine and spirits sector.

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6 Steps

01. Register easily

Visiting the Hopwine fair is free, but exclusively reserved for professional buyers in the wine and spirits sector. Here are the trades that we refer to: Wine merchant – Large distribution – Importer – Specialized journalist – CHR Restaurant – Web e-commerce – Commercial agent

02. The fair is open

During the show, you browse the virtual stands and discover producers. The classification is made by country, region of production and type of product. The producers’ virtual stands are very visual and clear.

03. Order boxes

If you match a producer’s search criteria, you can talk to the producer and ask to receive his tasting box free of charge, containing all of his vintages on display in certified 2cl samples.

04. Wait for delivery

At the end of the show, we will send you free of charge and as soon as possible, the sample boxes you request wherever you are in the world.

05. Enjoy your tasting

You just have to taste the chosen wines and spirits. Convenient !  You are then free to contact the producers and start commercial relations.

06. Stay connected

At the end of the fair, the producers’ virtual stands remain accessible for one year in your private Hopwine space. You can find all the information you want after tasting.

Make great encounters

We live in an era that teaches us to work differently, to rethink our models.

With its concept, Hopwine is one of the possible answers with its advantages, but also its legitimate fears. Virtual dating is different … distant. Hopwine’s mission is not to replace real encounters, but on the contrary to sublimate them. Our hybrid system, halfway between the real and the virtual, offers a framework for discovering yourself, revealing yourself, and making you want to see yourself again, later, eye to eye and glass to glass. With Hopwine, you qualify your future meetings.

2cl – The ideal quantity

Hopwine samples contain 2cl. This quantity, defined with the expertise of a sommelier, corresponds to 2 sips. This is the dose usually served during a professional tasting. It is sufficient to have an opinion and offers practical and light samples.

If you wish to taste together, it is possible to request up to 2 tasting boxes per producer.

Convenient features

Add your favorite stands to your favorites
Exchange via instant messaging
Chat by videoconference
Watch live tastings
Consult the validations of cabinet requests
Track the deliveries of your boxes
Rate and comment on your tastings

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