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  • Generate international trade contacts instantaneously.
  • Let them taste your wines and spirits without leaving your home.
  • Boost your bottle sales.
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Find new trade buyers

Hopwine makes prospecting simpler with  two digitals events in 2023 to boost your sales

Hopwine H1 2023 - Poster

Hopwine 1

From the 16 to the 18 of January 2023
Fair opened to all productors of wines and spirits
Deadline of inscription: 16/09/2022

Exhibitor reservations closed

2023 h2 carre en

Hopwine 2

From the 6 to the 8 of March 2023
Fair opened to all productors of wines and spirits
Deadline of inscription: 02/24/2023

– Only 250 stands –

500 producers have already boosted their international
sales thanks to our online wine fair model.

Save time with our online wine fair

After helping 500 wine and spirits producers, we have come to a simple conclusion:

– The global wine market is constantly changing
– Prospecting with professionals is an absolute must every year
– Taking part in trade fairs costs a lot of time, energy and money

These are the reasons, we re-invented the concept of the wine fair in 2020 by creating Hopwine:
The virtual wine fair with real tastings.

2 minutes to
discover Hopwine

The virtual fair

We take the responsibility to create your virtual stand.
Internationals professional buyers visit productors’ stand
. They exchange with messages or conference call and they choose wines and spirits as they want.

The repackaging

We take care of every step about the reprocessing of your wines. Your bottles are reprocessing in little samples certified of 2 or 4cl thanks to a patented technology.

The shipping

We send your samples in the fair all over the world to buyers who request these. Once again, we take care of everything: logistics and customs fees are taken care of by our teams.

Now forget everything you know about traditional trade fairs

And discover the most efficient solution ever created for wine and spirits producers

With Hopwine, non-trade visitors are a thing of the past.

When you take part in a traditional trade show, it is impossible to filter visitors, and, of course, you have to welcome everyone to your stand. With Hopwine, on the other hand, you choose the geographical areas and the business profiles you want to target:

– Are you looking for an importer in Asia or in the US?
– French wine merchant?
– A gourmet restaurateur in Italy?

It’s up to you to filter our list of 3000 participating buyers.


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Now at last you can devote your time to tasks that are really important.

A face-to-face fair means travelling in France or abroad, following a set schedule, booking a hotel, getting tasting boxes ready, fitting out a space at the fair, and so on. And what are benefits for you?

Thanks to Hopwine, all this  time spent preparating is a thing of the past. Our staff are reponsible for creating your virtual stand, which will only take you a few minutes. There’s no need to travel (not for you, your staff or your bottles)!

And the schedule? It’s up to you choose the timetable: juggle between pruning your vines, working in the cellar and video conferencing!



Our rates are all inclusive and adjusted to the budget you set.

There’s no more huge outlay for travel, transporting your bottles, accommodation and so forth.

Taking part in Hopwine means meeting visitors from all across the globe in your own home without any of the additional costs of a stand.


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Be an agent of change!

Hopwine’s carbon footprint is tiny compared to a traditional fair’s thanks to 100% recyclable tasting boxes and small bottles. Plus the movement of people and goods is kept to a minimum.


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Make sure you are visible to visitors worldwide.

There’s no bad location for your stand on Hopwine where no one can see you. Our system displays stands at random, and each time a visitor logs on, eight winegrowers are spotlighted in the welcome space.


samples' box

Tasting is a moment to be savoured

Use the sample tasting boxes to give your prospects an optimal tasting environment: at home, in a quiet location, far from any of the disruptions of a traditional trade fair (noise, crowds, etc.).

They can then take the time to appreciate your wines and form a fair and firm opinion.


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Meet the 3,000 plus trade buyers who already source their wines and spirits on Hopwine

Hopwine reviews

Over 50% of our exhibitors come via word of mouth.

Napa Valley, California, United States

Napa Valley, California, United States

March 15, 2021

"Many thanks. Hopwine was a great success and we really enjoyed being a part of it."

4.9 Overall customer satisfaction rating

Château de Vinzelles, Burgundy, France

Château de Vinzelles, Burgundy, France

January 22, 2022

“Hopwine is a trade fair that is in keeping with the times and with a very professional approach. It helped me become better known and get some very good orders.”

100% of producers make international contacts from day one

Aline Beauné, Montagny, France

Aline Beauné, Montagny, France

January 25, 2021

“A great sale completed in the USA and I’m waiting for an answer for Quebec. Hopwine is an excellent concept, even though one of my tasting boxes got lost and never reached its final destination.”

100.000 samples shipped to 77 countries

Domaine Sophie Cinier, Fuissé, France

Domaine Sophie Cinier, Fuissé, France

Febrary 11, 2022

"Excellent organisation, the stands for the different producers were very well presented, and the vast majority of visitors were of interest... I love the way the mini tasting boxes are sent."

Far and away the simplest solution for opening up new trade markets

We’re making the news.
Give your wines the visibility they deserve.

Join all the producers who have realised that their time is precious
by registering before 09/12 (limited places!)

Do you have a question about our wine fair?

The answer is probably in our FAQ!

Everyone visiting the trade fair is a professional wine and spirits buyer (meaning you don’t have to deal with amateurs). They are importers, wine merchants, wholesalers, sales representatives, restaurant owners, sommeliers, large retailers and specialised journalists. They come from across the world.

They all filled in a profile that was checked manually by Hopwine staff. They capitalise on Hopwine’s innovation to source new producers without leaving home.

Three thousand trade buyers are now registered with new buyers signing up every day.

A Hopwine advisor will contact you to gather the information needed to create your virtual stand (logo, text, photos, …). We then take care of devising a highly visual, attractive interface.

Our staff help fast-track you online in the most nicest possible way.

The wine is repackaged in an inert, oxygen-free atmosphere. This guarantees that its organoleptic qualities are preserved.

Our patented technology is used and approved by the largest wine houses. Over 3 million samples have already been produced and shipped worldwide.

You don’t have to do anything. Hopwine handles all the logistics for your samples. We repackage your wines in certified 2 cl samples and we then handle the shipment of your tasting boxes all over the world.

We cover any customs fees. We work with UPS and our partner Vignoblexport for some international destinations that call for a specialist carrier. If some of your tasting boxes don’t find a taker at the trade fair, we will deliver the surplus to your address.

We repackage all wines and spirits regardless of the appellation and vineyard: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhône, Alsace, Languedoc, etc. And not just French wines! Hopwine has already hosted exhibitors from Portugal, Spain, Italy, the United States, South Africa, and so on.

Only sparkling wines such as Champagne, Crémant, Prosecco, etc. are not repackaged. Nevertheless, exhibitors can still present their sparkling wines in addition to their still wines on their virtual stand.

If, after the trade fair, you have not allocated all your tasting boxes, you have two options:

  1. You can send two sample boxes to the same professional
  2. If you do not want to send double the number of shipments, we can send your tasting boxes to your estate so that you can use them for your own commercial prospecting.

Of course! As an exhibitor, you choose whether or not to send a tasting box to the professionals requesting it.

When a buyer requests prices or tasting boxes, you have access to their “visitor factsheet”. This allows you to browse the following information:

  • Name and first name
  • Occupation
  • Address (country)
  • Contact details (telephone, email, website, etc.)
  • Invoice address
  • Information about the compagny: number of people in the team, turnover, date of created, etc.

Our rates are all inclusive and can be adjusted to suit your needs and budget.