Exhibit your wines at the Hopwine virtual wine fair

The first Hopwine event of the year is open. Visit the fair now.


  • H1 From 17 to 21 january 2022 Registration deadline : 20/12/2021
  • H2 From 21 to 25 february 2022 Exclusively dedicated to organic wines and spirits Registration deadline : 31/01/2022
  • H3 From 21 to 25 march 2022 Registration deadline : 28/02/2022
  • H4 From 25 to 29 april 2022 Registration deadline : 01/04/2022

Our rates are all inclusive

They include the creation of a virtual stand,
the repackaging of your bottles into samples,
as well as their shipments around the world (customs fees included).

All prices are shown excluding VAT

 35 boxes of 2cl
or 17 boxes of 4cl
70 boxes of 2cl
or 34 boxes of 4cl
105 boxes of 2cl
or 51 boxes of 4cl
1 cuvée1672€2209€2747€
2 cuvées1777€2386€2995€
3 cuvées1883€2563€3244€
4 cuvées1988€2740€3492€
5 cuvées2093€2917€3740€
6 cuvées2199€3094€3989€
7 cuvées2304€3271€4237€
8 cuvées2410€3447€4485€
9 cuvées2515€3624€4733€
10 cuvées2621€3801€4982€
11 cuvées2726€3978€5230€
12 cuvées2831€4155€5478€
A deposit of 650 € is required when booking

35 samples of 2cl
or 17 samples of 4cl

échantillons échantillons

70 samples of 2cl
ou 34 samples of 4cl

échantillons échantillons échantillons

105 samples of 2cl
or 51 samples of 4cl

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6 steps

01. Register easily

Registration is done online in less than a minute. Hopwine is open to wine and spirits producers from all over the world: winegrowers, distilleries, cooperative cellars or merchants. We cannot repackage sparkling wines.

02. Our teams support you

A Hopwine advisor will contact you to take the information needed to create your virtual stand (logo, texts, photos …). The producer spaces are very visual and attractive. Our teams help you get online in the best way.

03. Hopwine repackages your products

We receive your bottles in our offices in Lyon (shipping at your expense). We ask you for 2 bottles for each reconditioned cuvée in order to prevent any breakage and cork tastes. With 1 bottle of 75 cl, we make 35 samples of 2cl or 17 samples of 4 cl labeled with your legal information and your logo.

04. The fair is open

You target the geographic areas and sectors of activity that you wish to develop commercially (example: wine merchants in Europe + importers from Canada). During the Hopwine trade fair, professionals matching your criteria browse your virtual stand, interact with you via messages or videoconferences and contact you to receive tasting boxes containing your different cuvées. You decide whether or not to accept these requests.

05. Hopwine manages all the logistics

You have nothing to do. Hopwine manages all the logistics of your samples. We repackage your wines in certified samples of 2cl and we then manage the shipments of your boxes around the world. We take charge of any customs fees. We work with UPS and with our partner Vignoblexport for international destinations requiring a specialized carrier. Finally, if some of your boxes do not find a taker during the show, we will deliver the rest to your address.

06. Develop your sales

We inform you of the good reception of your samples by the professionals. They are free to contact you once they have tasted it, but you are free to take the initiative and engage in commercial prospecting. It’s your turn, many Hopwine exhibitors sign orders after the shows.

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